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Employee of the Month:

Alex Whitehead


Thank You

 for your commitment to LSE

and all your hard work!!

July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Alex Whitehead! 

Alex Whitehead, our Employee of the Month for July, is someone who can be consistently counted on to work hard and be cheerful and willing to try any job asked of him.

He has demonstrated the ability to return to work promptly and has excellent manners.  

He has an excellent sense of humor and has learned how to use it appropriately in a work setting.  

Although he may be sometimes distracted, he is easily redirected back to work.  

His supervisor notes that he has been observed to take the initiative to go above and beyond to help a fellow co-worker who needed assistance.  

LSE staff looks forward to watching him continue to grow and feel he will be a benefit to any employer in the future.

Congratulations, Alex!!

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