About Lower Shore Enterprises

For 50 years, the award-winning Lower Shore Enterprises has successfully placed individuals with disABILITIES™ from Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties into jobs in the community.  


Our goal is to find productive employment for all who want it, thereby increasing their independence and helping them realize their dreams. 


For those who are ready to work, evaluators and employment specialists assess their skills and abilities, then develop a personalized employment plan and prepare them for placement.  Those who are not yet ready for employment receive training in Lower Shore Enterprises’ production facilities (under the careful direction of highly dedicated, professionally-trained supervisors) while earning a real paycheck. 


Whether you are an individual with disABILITIES™ or a potential employer, Contact Us for more information.  We are always glad to discuss your needs and offer solutions.  Or Get Involved!

Staff Directory

 To contact anyone at LSE, Call 410-749-6183 and use the extension provided below.

Bill Turner 
Chief Executive Officer
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Laurie Andrews
Director of Client Services
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Heather Malone
Director of Finance
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Jira Duperron
Finance Assistant
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Career Development
  Patti Cherry   Erin Winters    
Client Services
  Crystal Chatham   Lisa Mills   Kelsey Downs
Bailey Goslee Breann Drury Courtney Kessler
  David Duke   Jordan Mackenzie   Whitney Tyndall
  Kallie Speta        
Community Inclusion Program
  Pam Lynch
PRMC Volunteer 
Teresa Thaxton
Volunteer Coordinator/
Case Manager
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Deatray Gibson
Volunteer Coordinator
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Kim O'Grady
Volunteer Specialist
Linda Insley
Volunteer Specialist

Mohammad Khan
Volunteer Specialist
Custodial Services
  Dan Robinette
Custodial Supervisor
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  Pat Wheatley   Steve Morrisette 
Document Destruction
  Clyde Adkins
Document Destruction 
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  Rene Raymond   Odie Owens
   Less McCullars        
Production Services
  Suzanne Schumann   Lawrence Bishop    Linda Hedinger
  Leslie Leether        
  Jimy Reid
Transportation Coordinator
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   Debbie Schoofield   Phil Niblett
  Doretha Wright Larry Johnson Willis Ellison
  Macarthur Roberts   Greg Beckett     

Lisa Mills

DeAngelo Jolley
Behavior Specialist
410.749.6183  x119
DeAngelo Jolley
Behavior Specialist
410.749.6183  x119

Board of Directors


Michele Thomas

Gil Allen

Bevereley Stoakley 
Vice Chairman

Brad Gillis

Dr. Ken Smith 

Jack Heath

Renee Smith 

Dr. Dan Lane

Julie Schneider
Daniel Mills

Karen Mull

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Contact Info

Lower Shore Enterprises, Inc.
28475 Owens Branch Road
Salisbury, MD 21801
P.O. Box 1692
Salisbury, MD 21802-1692

Phone 410.749.6183
Fax 410.749.1220