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The Employee of the Month for April has been with LSE for just over a year. During that time, the staff has learned to really appreciate her work ethic and willingness to try any job and put her full effort into it. She can be counted on to get the job done with a very high quality rating. Her work at our front desk and at her volunteer clerical position is very professional. She can be counted on to always do the right thing. She is a caring individual who worries about her fellow co-workers and provides friendship and support without getting involved in any drama. We look forward to watching her continue to grow and hope to see her working in the community this year.  Congratulations, Tamela!! 


The Employee of the Month for March has been with LSE since 2001. Over the years she has shown great attendance and motivation to work. Her supervisor nominated her for her work ethic and because she always follows the work rules. Although she was out for a bit this year for medical issues, she has returned and continued to display a dedication to learning and staying focused on tasks consistently for long periods of time.  Congratulations, Elaine!!

  Roy Satterfield 

February 2017 Employee of the Month

Ledeana Slechta

LSE's Employee of the Month for January is Ledeana Slechta. Prior to coming to LSE, Ledeana had not worked in many years. It was a huge adjustment to get up and work full days. Ledeana has tackled her challenges with grace and has displayed an amazing work ethic. Her supervisors report that she is a hard worker who will try any job asked of her. Congratulations, Ledeana!!


Tina Morgan
The Employee of the Month for December has been with LSE since 2006. During that time, she has matured into a reliable worker who's willing to try most jobs asked of her. Until this year, she was uninterested in pursuing outside work but over the past few months, she decided she'd like to work on the custodial crew. Her timing is limited to daytime work, but she is very eager to go out whenever she is able. Custodial supervisor Dan Robinette states that she does a great job and has a good attitude. Her supervisors enjoy working with her. She's also done some work around the building and staff have noticed her attention to detail. We look forward to watching her continue to grow.  Congratulations, Tina!!
  Shelley Taylor
The Employee of the month for November has been with LSE since high school. She has always been a dependable worker who takes every job seriously. While her supervisors and staff felt that she was capable of working outside the building, she was reluctant to do so for several years. This year she began volunteering at Day Dreams Daycare and was quickly accepted into the team there. Her supervisor at Day Dreams states that she is a pleasure to work with. She is excellent with the children and always willing to do whatever is asked.
Congratulations, Shelley!!
  Marvin Nibblett
Marvin has been with LSE for many years. He successfully worked in the community on several mobile work crews for 13 years. For the past 2 years he has worked in our production facility doing many different jobs. He is always pleasant to everyone he sees. He is a serious, dependable worker. He is very helpful to his coworkers and supervisors.

Congratulations, Marvin!
  Tommy Zimmerman

Tommy has been with LSE for many years, doing both offsite work and working here at our facility.He is a very dependable and hard worker.  Although generally quiet while working, he is always pleasant to talk to and friendly to everyone.  Tommy works on the Document Destruction crew two times a week and is an asset wherever he is working.  He enjoys, and is very knowledgeable about, cars, particularly Fords, and would love to work in a car related field in the future.

Congratulations, Tommy!!!

  Alex Whitehead

Alex Whitehead, our Employee of the Month for July, is someone who can be consistently counted on to work hard and be cheerful and willing to try any job asked of him.  He has demonstrated the ability to return to work promptly and has excellent manners.  Alex has an excellent sense of humor and has learned how to use it appropriately in a work setting.Although he may be sometimes distracted, he is easily redirected back to work.  

His supervisor notes that he has been observed to take the initiative to go above and beyond to help a fellow co-worker who needed assistance.  LSE staff looks forward to watching him continue to grow and feel he will be a benefit to any employer in the future.

Congratulations, Alex!!

  Andy Shaw
Congratulations to June Employee of the Month Andy Shaw!   
  Mary Taylor
The employee of the Month for May has been with LSE since leaving high school.  She has gone through many life changes during her time at LSE.  This has affected her ability to handle change and she has grown as a person over the last year.  She was nominated by her supervisor for this honor because of her improvement in her ability to handle changes, accept criticism, and take responsibility for her behavior when she loses her patience.  We are very proud of her growth and maturity, and this has led to new opportunities, including training at the front desk.  Congratulations, Mary!!

David Ben

Congratulations to April employee of the month David Ben! David has been with LSE for over 8 months. From the beginning, he was willing to tackle large and repetitive jobs, and noticed to take extra care that his finished work was in excellent shape, even if it meant going to lunch and breaks a bit late.

Recently he has very successfully worked on mailing jobs, applying the same precision and diligence to those both large and small.

While communication was not at first a strong area, he has come a very long way and is now communicating effectively.

David has also been observed to take great initiative with being helpful to both staff and coworkers alike and is considered someone you can count on.



  Chris Clarke
The Employee of the Month for January has been with LSE for many years. He has always been a hard worker but has struggled to handle changes and has not wanted to try new things. This year, along with better health, has come a change in attitude. For the first time he attended our Thanksgiving and Christmas luncheon and is participating in Walking Club and even wants to try volunteering. We are very proud of him for taking these steps toward more independence. 
  Glen Watson

(December, 2015) 

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